Can Dogs Eat Pasta?

 It is perfectly all right to give your dog pasta.  Pasta is often included in homecooked meals for dogs as a healthy carbohydrate.  The only time it would not be all right to give pasta to your dog is if your dog has an allergy to wheat or eggs, which are used to make most pastas, although pasta can be made with different flours which are not made from wheat.

Healthy grains

Ordinary pasta, brown rice, quinoa, couscous, oatmeal, barley, and other healthy grains are often used as part of a healthy, homecooked diet for dogs, along with 50 percent meat protein and vegetables and fruit and dairy products. Your dog obviously needs the meat protein, plus organ meats, for good health and nutrition, but he can’t survive solely on protein.  He needs vitamins and minerals from other sources, too.  And he needs the healthy carbs that come from sources such as pasta which provide complex carbohydrates which take longer to break down in your dog’s system.  These complex carbs are also filling and keep your dog from being hungry again right after he eats.

Dogs are not affected by heart disease in the same way that humans are so there is no fear of dogs having high cholesterol or other problems associated with humans who eat a lot of pasta or “white carbs.”  There is no reason why your dog shouldn’t enjoy healthy pasta added to his meals or eat healthy homecooked meals featuring pasta as long as there is plenty of good protein included.

If you are going to make a pasta dish for your dog, you should make sure that you do not add any onions to it.  Onions can be harmful to your dog’s health and have been associated with canine autoimmune hemolytic anemia, which can be deadly.  There are many good recipes for dogs online and in doggy cookbooks, including some with recipes for pasta.

Healthy leftovers

You can also add some of your own leftover pasta to your dog’s meals.  Contrary to what you have probably been told, it won’t hurt your dog to have some leftovers now and then as a topping to his normal food.  Most dogs will eat their food with more gusto if you add some warmed up leftovers to it.  This is true unless your dog has a sensitive gastrointestinal tract and has problems eating food that he’s not used to.  But most dogs will appreciate some tasty leftovers, including some pasta.  You can give your dog up to about 1/3 of his diet in leftovers or homecooked food before you start altering the vitamin and mineral balance in his commercial food.  After that you should decide if you are going to feed commercial food or homecooked food so the vitamin and mineral ratios will be correct for your dog.

There is nothing in pasta that will harm your dog unless your dog is allergic to wheat or eggs.  Pasta is made using wheat flour, eggs, and salt.  The pasta is mixed together, kneaded, rolled out, and cut into shapes.  That’s all there is to it.  If there is a sauce with the pasta, it only contains whatever you put in it.  You can know what all of the ingredients are and whether or not there is anything that would be harmful for your dog.


It is perfectly all right for dogs to eat pasta unless your dog is allergic to wheat or eggs.  You can add pasta to your dog’s meal or make a homecooked meal for your dog.  You should check the sauce to make sure there is nothing in it that your dog can’t eat, such as onions.  Most dogs love


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